Noise Control Testing and Diagnosis

Sound and vibration can travel through many airborne and structural paths to reach noise sensitive areas. Identifying the primary paths is crucial to specifying the correct mitigation treatments. In applying acoustical treatment to the noise source itself, it is important to quantify the sound power emitted by the source and how it is distributed in the frequency domain.

Using our experience in building design and structural acoustics, we can diagnose these sound and vibration transmission paths and recommend appropriate, effective abatement measures.

In other applications, it may be necessary to verify the specified acoustical performance of wall and floor assemblies, HVAC systems, or other equipment. Spendiarian & Willis employs programmable data acquisition systems to field test to any standard or metric required including:

  • Field / Apparent Sound Transmission Class (FSTC, ASTC) – ASTM E336
  • Noise Isolation Class (NIC, NNIC) – ASTM E336
  • Field Impact Insulation Class (FIIC) – ASTM E1007
  • Noise Criteria (NC), Room Noise Criterion (RNC, RC) – ANSI S12.2
  • Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) – ANSI S3.5
  • and many others

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