Design and Analysis

Site Planning and Modeling

Whether starting a new project or making changes to an existing site, acoustical issues are best considered early in the planning process. Unaddressed noise concerns and the need to include additional mitigation late in the project planning can cause delays in approval, unexpected additional construction costs, and design conflicts.

Spendiarian & Willis uses computer simulation to predict community noise impact based on the site layout, topography, proposed equipment, building layout, and mitigation measures planned for the site. Using an acoustical computer model of the project site, we can optimize the site design and placement of equipment, buildings, and noise barriers to achieve a site plan that will address the noise concerns of neighbors and government planning and zoning boards.

Noise Impact Studies

Many projects require some type of environmental impact statement for approval. Spendiarian & Willis can assist in the preparation of environmental impact statements.

  • Federal and local environmental impact statements
  • Compliance with state, city, and county codes and ordinances
  • HUD assessments


Spendiarian & Willis includes both architects and acoustical engineers. This means that we can go from on-site testing to developing an acoustical performance specification to a finished set of drawings of the mitigation treatment to be put in place.

Mitigation treatments may include:

  • Noise barriers and sound walls
  • Topography manipulation and earthen berms
  • Partial, vented, or complete enclosures
  • Wall, roof, window, and door sound ransmission class (STC) specification and assembly design
  • Wall and roof assembly specification and design


  • Meridian Engineering – asphalt plant
  • Tucson Water – Eastside Service Annex
  • Tucson Electric Power – Canoa Ranch Substation

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