Environmental Acoustical Testing

Acoustical testing in the outdoor environment may be required for a variety of reasons. The results of environmental acoustical testing can be used for:

  • Baseline data for noise impact studies
  • Documentation of predevelopment background noise conditions
  • Diagnosis of acoustic emissions from existing sites
  • Design of noise barriers and other mitigation measures
  • Quantifying the improvement in acoustic emissions due to mitigation
  • Determining compliance with codes and standards
  • Determining compatible land use

Accurate assessment of existing background noise levels can make a significant difference in the cost of a project as they provide the basis for determining the extent of mitigation required and what frequency range it must be effective over.


General applications that may require acoustical testing include:

  • Planning and approval of new projects
  • Acquiring a zoning variance
  • Assessing the community impact of new and existing sites
  • The design of effective noise mitigation
  • Presentation of the projected effect of noise mitigation measures

Services We Offer

Spendiarian & Willis provide a variety of environmental acoustics testing services including:

  • Noise surveys and monitoring
  • Sound source identification
  • Sound source characterization and power measurement for use in acoustical simulations
  • Testing for code and standards compliance

Spendiarian & Willis utilizes programmable data acquisition systems and advanced postprocessing techniques to test to any acoustical code or standard required for an application.

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