Lance Willis, PhD

Principal Acoustical Engineer

Lance Willis holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1993), Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1995), and a Ph.D. with a Multidisciplinary Certificate in Acoustics (1999) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In 2000, Dr. Willis began work in Motorola’s Advanced Product Technology Center. Projects at Motorola included the acoustical design of portable radio products with respect to speaker and microphone performance, sound quality, and operation in wet and noisy environments, studies of rub and buzz detection methods, managing the development of a high efficiency family of speakers, and modal analysis of microspeaker cones to reduce audible distortion.

In 2005, he formed Perception Acoustics, an acoustical consulting firm in the areas of environmental acoustics, noise control, data acquisition systems, and acoustical instrumentation design.

Dr. Willis is a member of the Acoustical Society of America and the Audio Engineering Society. He has been awarded three patents for adaptive equalization in behind the ear telephony devices and another for an audio porting assembly to prevent water intrusion into microphones.

Thomas Spendiarian, RA

Principal Architect

Thomas Spendiarian is a Registered Architect in the State of Arizona, since 1991. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture, from the University of Arizona, College of Architecture, 1987. He has practical construction field experience prior to receiving his degree and subsequent architectural experience in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential building.

For the past 15 years his practice has focused on architectural acoustics and noise control. He is a long term member of the Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission.

Mark Miceli, MFA & Theatrical Systems Engineer

Systems Design, Lighting and Rigging, Theatrical Design

Mark Miceli holds both Bachelor & Master of Fine Arts, from the University of Arizona, College of Fine Arts. His professional activities span a thirty-five year involvement in the entertainment Industry. His professional experience includes the areas of audio engineering, acoustical measurements, systems design, production management, and technical direction. Various theatrical production companies and entertainment venues have utilized Mr. Miceli’s services both in management and engineering capacities. Mr. Miceli was employed by various production companies in New York City where he provided theatrical services for international tours.

His areas of studies have been focused in technical theater and the hearing sciences. Mr. Miceli was awarded honors research funding from the University of Arizona and in May 1995 and presented published research on acoustical simulation at an international conference in Italy.

Mr. Miceli was a member of the Audio Engineering Society and the former chairman of the Southern Arizona chapter. He has been a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees for 35 years and has served as president and business manager for his local. Mr. Miceli was also chairman of the first SYN-AUD-CON, Theatrical Sound Designers conference at Purdue University.

Mr. Miceli’s work history also includes masters and journeyman classifications in arena and theatrical rigging, a.c. electrical, audio engineering, acoustical measurements, and is skilled in various fabrication and design disciplines. He also has a strong background in concert sound mixing, system design, and various acoustical measurements and simulation platforms. He has utilized this background to aid him in his design and engineering projects.