About Spendiarian & Willis Acoustics & Noise Control

Spendiarian & Willis provides professional consulting services concentrating on architectural and environmental acoustics, noise control, audio, lighting, and rigging design.

Based in Tucson Arizona, Spendiarian & Willis is focused on serving southwestern regional clients.

The firm was formed in 2009 by the merger of the architectural & environmental acoustics, theatrical systems design and noise control portions of Architectural Design Associates and Perception Acoustics.

Spendiarian & Willis is able to offer a complete package of acoustical design, measurement, simulation, audio, lighting, and rigging services from initial concept to complete drawing sets. Acoustical and architectural design are integrated to give better performing solutions while reducing construction costs.

We are committed to finding innovative, thorough, efficient, cost effective and practical solutions to the acoustical challenges faced by our clients.

Effective and Practical Architectural Solutions

Starting with a firm foundation in physical acoustics, combined with a seasoned expertise in building design and construction, Spendiarian & Willis is able to approach acoustics as an integral part of a building’s design. Incorporating the building’s components into the acoustical solutions, results in reduced construction costs, shortened construction times, and less complexity.

S & W’s acoustical designs often result in a savings to the buildings final construction costs, in an amount far exceeding our fees.